Translation of transcendental technique video

This is an English translation of Kozo Suganuma's YouTube video in Japanese.

Video title

Kozo Suganuma "Transcendental technique using feet" Double Bass & Footwork '92

Video overview

From "Two Bass & Footwork" released by Rittor Music, Inc. in 1992. A single-pedal playing method that has caused many ripples in the world of drummers!! lol

Dialogue in the video

I would like to introduce some rare playing styles. When you play double bass, you usually use this closed hi-hat to hit the rhythm. But if you can't buy it, use a normal hi-hat instead. This technique is called "heel and toe" and you step on the foot pedal with your heel with the hi-hat closed. Let's do it.

* demo play

I would like to do "toe and heel" which is the opposite of "heel and toe". You put your toe on the bass drum pedal and play the hi-hat pedal on your heel. It is also possible to close the hi-hat with your foot while playing the bass drum.

* demo play

Next is when you want to open and close the hi-hat while playing double bass. Let's try to open and close it by hand with your feet playing.

* demo play

Here's how to play if you want to play double bass or double pedal, but you can't buy them. It's an epoch-making idea to play like using double bass with one pedal. Let's do it.

* demo play